RKE and RKL 2.0 (Updated 9/21/2011)

This is where you will find ALL the current full production release of Digital Aquatics firmware for all our systems and modules.
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RKE and RKL 2.0 (Updated 9/21/2011)

Postby DA_Chris » Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:10 pm

Updated: 9/21/2011

The 2.0 Production Release is currently available only through the myReef 2.0 application. It is recommended that previous myReef 2.0 users update to the latest version (build 78) of myReef 2.0.

It is highly recommended that all RK customers update their system's and module's firmware to the newest available version. As a reminder, 2.00 firmware for the RKE and RKL is a complete system update. All modules must have 2.00+ installed in order to function correctly.

PC Operating System Compatibility: XP-32, XP-64, Vista-32, Vista-64, Windows 7-32 and Windows 7-64 (Please report if you have any issues as we've not been able to to test all configurations).

Current firmware version list:

  • ReefKeeper Elite Headunit (GC1): 2.06 New!
    • Improved communication with ALC and APC
    • Fixed Default state reporting bug
    • Improved myReef editing of Advanced Light and Advanced Pump functions
  • ALC: 2.09 New!
    • Improved support for 3 color AI Fixtures (royal blue and blue are controlled together)
    • Improved Storm Mode
    • Fixed Lunar Pod Ports
  • NET: 2.09 New! - 2.09 Webpage BIN file below
    • Improved the Edit Function feature
    • Improved stability
    • Fixed potential issue with RSS naming
  • ReefKeeper Lite Headunit (GC2): 2.06
  • SL2: 2.05
  • PC4: 2.04
  • SL1: 2.03
  • SID: 2.08
  • MLC: 2.06
  • SW5: 2.03
  • PC1: 2.03
  • RD1: 2.02
  • APC: 2.02
  • AP1: 2.00
  • HerpKeeper Headunit: 2.05
  • HUB: (The HUB does not contain firmware)

Firmware Release Notes - Improvements and Fixes
  • The 2.0 Production Release is currently available only through the myReef 2.0 application. Customers that currently have the myReef application installed will automatically download the latest firmware revisions on their next application startup. Click here to download myReef.
  • Updating the NET module to 2.09 will require both the module's firmware and the module's webpage BIN file to be updated. Instructions for updating the bin file can be found here. The current version of the Webpage BIN file is 2.09 and can be downloaded here:
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