PC4 Issues

Power Controller 4 (4 independently programable outlets)
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PC4 Issues

Postby Jpborden » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:22 am

I am making a last ditch effort here to attempt to get support.
About a month ago now, I was working with the support department to send an entire RKE system in for repairs and to get whatever needed to be done, completed. It was a system that was given to me and I was having trouble getting everything to work right so I sent it all in to make it right.
I ended up getting some repairs done and even replaced the old SL1 with an SL2 to give me salinity in the future. I sent in 3 PC4's and was told that one would need to be replaced completely.
I asked not to worry about the 1 bad PC4 as long as everything else is working I could get everything set up with my tank.
Great customer service up to that point, emailing back and forth, phone calls being answered etc. and once I paid for the estimated repair/replacement costs, everything was done and sent back to me quickly.
The problem starts when I got everything back and set everything up outside of the tank to test and pre-program everything, one of the PC4's gets an overloaded status light(Solid Red) with nothing plugged into it. When looking at MyReef, it shows 19.2+- amps on it. My concern is that I sent 3 PC4's in and only got 2 back and am wondering if the one that was bad got mixed up and sent back to me.
The major problem I am having is that for about a month now I have called nearly daily, often leaving voicemails, and sent emails multiple times with no responses. After spending a good amount of money to have everything looked at and expecting it to be returned in working condition it is disappointing to go from full support and getting responses to NOTHING.

If anyone has a fix, or can if any of the admins can ask someone to reach out to me it would be appreciated. I have tried all of the basic troubleshooting steps I can think of and or found online and still nothing works.
Any help or communication would be appreciated,

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